Storage of butane-propane in static tank


LPG storages are useful and safe but are requesting reliable installation. The regulation foresees controls during start-up and commissioning but also during the life of the equipment. The table below is giving you the regulatory controls in the different areas of Belgium.


What                                                                                      When


Above ground tank                                                                   Start-up

Above ground tank                                                                   Every 5 years

Safety valve above ground tank                                                 Every 10 years


Underground tank                                                                     Start-up

Cathodic protection underground tank                                       Every year

Underground tank                                                                     Every 5 years

Safety valve underground tank                                                  Every 10 years


During the control we assess the conformity of the installation:


-         Tank: technical aspect (tightness, safety distances, cathodic protection,…) as well as administrative aspects (permit, official certificates, …)

-         Piping: “piping certificate” delivered by a CERGA approved company or after tightness test and visual examination of the installation by APRAGAZ.


Upon satisfactorily result of the inspection an approval report is deliverd by APRAGAZ in order to allow the LPG supplier to fill the installation.