Storage of fuel used for heating system


A leak to a fuel tank will lead to 2 problems:

- Pollution of the ground

- Loss of fuel

To prevent or reduce those events we are proposing you to check your installation. Depending of the region, this control is either mandatory or advisory during start-up and/or at periodical intervals during the life of your installation.

When you are selling your house you need also to get such an inspection report.


   What                                                          When                Remark


Wallonia (3.000L < capacity < 25.000L)


Underground tank single wall

                                                                        3 years             tanks > 30years or unknown

                                                                        5 years             20 years < tanks < 30 years

                                                                        10 years           10 years < tanks < 20 years


Underground tank double wall

                                                                        10 years                      


 Above ground tank

                                                                        10 years           if leak detection of double walls

                                                                          3 years           otherwise



No legal document available but is necessary to contact your city to check if you need a permit




 Underground tank < 5000L                             start-up

 Underground tank < 5000L                             5 years


During the inspection we will check the tank, the piping, the overfill protection, the cathodic protection if any, the leak detector if any and in the case of an above ground tank the retention wall.


Upon satisfactorily result of the control you will receive a green plate which will be attached to the inlet of the tank to allow the fuel supplier to fill the tank.