Fire extinguishers

The know how of APRAGAZ is unanimously recognized in his field.

APRAGAZ is managing the BENOR mark given to portable fire extinguishers for vehicles and buildings.

         List of approved BENOR marked extinguishers for building and vehicles


APRAGAZ is assuming the chairmanship of CEN TC 70, commission who is establishing EN3 and other standards in the field of fire protection.

APRAGAZ realize homologation test, controls and certification of extinguishers according to Belgian standards, European standards (EN 3, EN 1866), or other applicable standards including all related testing activities:

         Proof testing.

         Fire test (class A, B or C).

         Internal corrosion test or external salt spray corrosion.

         Tests on plastic valves in a standardized climatic enclosure.

         Cycling test (-20C/+60C).

         Certification of companies in charge of the maintenance of extinguishers according to NBN S21-050

List of qualified companies