Periodical inspection



APRAGAZ is recognized as a third party inspection organization by different Belgian competent authority (Transport, industry, economy) to perform mandatory periodical inspection.

¨      Transport (ADR/RID/IMDG/CSC)

Periodical inspection of trucks, tank cars and battery vehicles, containers, gas cylinders, bundles, pressure drums, cryogenic receptacles, tubes. 

¨      Industry (RGPT/CODEX/European Directives/VLAREM)

Ø      Periodical inspection of steam equipment  (AR dated 18/10/91)

Ø      Flexible hoses

Ø      «Compressed air » tanks

Ø      Refrigerating unit (NH3, …)

Ø      Verification and validation of inspection plans proposed by operators

Ø      Creation of  RBA/RBI systems

¨      Economy

Periodical inspection of electrical installation