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ˇ         Industrial gases

Safe handling of industrial gases,
Cryogenic tanks,
Safe use of Oxygen;

ˇ         Transport

Basic knowledge of ADR,

ˇ         Regulation. (Federal - Regional)

Manual Handling

o Directive S.P.V. (87/404/CE) : Simple Pressure vessels

o Directive A.D.R. (94/55/CE) : Road Transport

o Directive R.I.D. (96/49/CE) : Rail Transport

o Directive P.E.D. (97/23/CE) : Pressure Equipment Directive

o Directive M.E.D. (96/98/CE) pour les extincteurs : Marine Equipment Directive

o Directive T.P.E.D. (99/36/CE) : Transportable Pressure Equipment Directive

o Directive M.D.D (93/42/CE) : Medical Devices Directive

o Directive Machines (98/37/CE) : Machinery Directive

o Directive ATEX (94/9/CE) : Explosive Atmospheres


Periodical inspection;

Cathodic protection & ground corrosivity,

Implantation & construction of service station, storage of hazardous products, LPG plant,...

ˇ         Safety

Hazop (What if ?,How can ?, FMEA,...),
Preparation of a safety audit,
Preparation of a safety program for drivers ,
Preparation of an area classification plan,...

Risk Based Analyses / Risk Based Inspection (RBA/RBI)

ISO 14971

          Quality management system induction:

o        ISO 9001

o        ISO 13485

o        EN 13980 (ATEX)

o        ISO 14001

ˇ        Others

        Special requirement upon request