External service for technical control – Notified Body 0029 – Certification Body



APRAGAZ is the Belgian third party inspection authority originally specialized in pressure equipment and their accessories.

APRAGAZ is offering today numerous other services in the field of inspection, certification and training.

 The electrical department (industrial/domestic) has grown rapidly in the latest years and is staying at your disposal.

APRAGAZ is present in the whole European Community and is also active in China, Israel, Korea, Taiwan, The United Arab Emirates, India, Turkey and The United States to support your business when dealing with purchase orders/fabrication for the European market.

Founded in 1929, APRAGAZ is putting at your disposal its very long experience, staff and specialized equipment and services as described below.








o    EN ISO 17025 : Testing laboratory

o    EN ISO 17020 : Third party inspection authority

o    EN ISO 17065 : Product certification

o    EN ISO 17021 : Certification of Quality Management System (ISO 9000 - ISO 13485 - EN 13980 (ATEX) - ISO 14001)



Certification Body:


·  Directive S.P.V. (2009/105/EU) : Simple Pressure Vessels

·  Directive P.E.D. (2014/68/EU) : Pressure Equipment Directive

·  Directive M.E.D. (2014/90/EU) pour les extincteurs : Marine Equipment Directive

·  Directive T.P.E.D. (2010/35/EU) : Transportable Pressure Equipment Directive

·  Directive ATEX (2014/34/EU) : Explosive Atmospheres

o    EU Regulation 305/2011 : Construction Products Decision 98/214/EC Structural Metalic Products and Anciliaries


Recognized by the United Nations for :


·  UN - R67 : L.P.G. cylinders + Equipement for vehicles

·  UN - R110 : C.N.G. cylinders + Equipement for vehicles

·  UN Agreement : pressure equipment, tanks and containers according to ADR/RID

·  IMDG Agreement : gas receptacles

o    Directive 79/200 CE : Hydrogen System

o    Directive 84/525 CEE, 84/526 CEE et 84/527 CEE : Gas bottles


Approved in Belgium as external service for technical control at workplaces for pressure and electrical equipment   



Manager of the BENOR brand for portable extinguishers  



VCA* Certified 







      Our Stamp       CE0029      = Your Safety !