Apragaz Quality Assurance





Qualified auditors from APRAGAZ Quality assurance will certify your management system in the following regulatory fields:

·  Directive S.P.V. (2014/29/EU) : Simple Pressure Vessels

·  Regulation A.D.R. (2015) : Road Transport

·  Directive P.E.D. (2014/68/EU) : Pressure Equipment Directive

·  Directive M.E.D. (2014/90/UE) pour les extincteurs : Marine Equipment Directive

·  Directive T.P.E.D. (99/36/CE) : Transportable Pressure Equipment Directive

·  Directive ATEX (2014/34/EU) : Explosive Atmosphere

APRAGAZ Quality assurance is notified (identification n° : 0029) for all conformity assessment modules out of the above mentioned directives. The scope of the notification is availabe on the European Community website (Nando).




 APRAGAZ Quality assurance certifies Quality Management Systems in the following fields:

·         ISO 9001

·         ISO 13485

·         EN 13980 (ATEX)

·         ISO 14001

·         NBNS21-050 (Certification of companies dealing with the maintenance of portable fire extinguishers)

Certificates prepared by APRAGAZ Quality assurance are linked with the European Accreditation System (EA) true our BELAC accreditation scheme.


Terms and conditions for the certification of products and/or systems.