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Our certificates

APRAGAZ is one of the most dynamic inspection bodies with a European spirit.

APRAGAZ is certified VCA 2017 / 6.0

APRAGAZ is accredited by BELAC:


APRAGAZ has been approved in Belgium as an external service for technical inspections at the workplace (SECT).

APRAGAZ is a notified body (NoBo) in Europe by the Commission for directives and regulations:

  • SPV (2014/29 / EU) - Simple Pressure Vessels;
  • PED (2014/68 / EU) - Pressure Equipment;
  • MED (2014/90 / EU) - Marine Equipment;
  • TPED (2010/35 / EU) - Transportable Pressure Equipment;
  • CPR (305/2011 / EU) - Construction Products; 
  • ATEX (2014/34 / EU) - Explosive Atmospheres.

APRAGAZ is also active for the regulations recognised by the United Nations:

  • UN-R67 (L.P.G. cylinders + equipment for vehicles);
  • UN-R110 (C.N.G. cylinders + equipment for vehicles);
  • EC 79/2009 (H2 cylinders + equipment for vehicles)
  • ADR / RID / IMDG (pressure equipment, tanks and containers for gas cylinders).

APRAGAZ also provides the Certification of Products and/orManagement Systems

Our certification activity has an international dimension because APRAGAZ is linked to the IAF (International Accreditation Forum) system via BELAC (Belgium Accreditation), member of EA (European Accreditation).

Apragaz certificats

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