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Bottle recheck

If you want to have your diving bottle, Oxyclean bottle, balloon LPG or CNG tank, C02 bottle or airsoft pressure bottle checked ... please contact us.

An optical check and a hydraulic test are required periodically.

The periodicity depends on the type of gas and the use.

Welcome to the "Requalification of bottles" laboratory of Apragaz, accessible to both professionals and individuals.

The laboratory offers the following services:

Visual inspection: aimed at validating the internal and external surfaces of the bottle.

Hydrostatic test: after the visual inspection, the container shall be subjected to a pressure test using a non-compressible liquid (water or oil) at a pressure which depends on the working pressure of the container. A new visual inspection is then carried out to ensure that the container is not deformed or permanently damaged.

Ultrasoon testen: In some cases, the hydrostatic test is replaced or supplemented by a thickness measurement of the cylinder walls (density control).

Pneumatic test: depending on the requirements of some manufacturers or users, we proceed to the pressure increase via an inert gas. The seal is then checked by maintaining pressure on the pressure gauge and using a leak detector product.

The marking: We strike with an official marking that finalizes the conformity of the bottle.

In the diving world, changes in the use of the gas are frequent and the marking is adapted to the type of test being carried out.

Bottles we inspect:

  • Diving bottles, made of steel, composite or aluminium.
  • Bottles made of steel or composite from the fire brigade.
  • Bottles made of steel, composite, aluminium or stainless steel forged or welded for the transport of industrial gases.
  • Bottles in stainless steel or welded aluminium for aero states (hot air balloon).
  • Bottles made of steel, composite or aluminium for aircraft.
  • The LPG reservoirs and tanks.
  • CNG cylinders
  • Buffer cylinders.
  • Bottle batteries.
  • Sampling cylinder in stainless steel
  • Security cylinder (SIGRI type)
  • Various assemblies requiring a test and a water-tightness certificate

For more information

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