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Fuel oil

The legislation on the control of oil tanks differs according to the region, size and whether the tank is above or below ground.

The legislation for the inspection of fuel oil tanks depends on the region, the size and whether the tank is above or below ground.

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Apragaz is accredited to inspect fuel oil tanks and test the piping. This inspection should be done before commissioning and then periodically or after any modification. Fuel oil tanks can be installed above or below ground. The periodicity differs per region and also depends on whether the tank is above or below ground.

Flemish Region

Vlarem II chapter 6.5.

Aerial tank:
A periodic inspection is not defined

Underground tank:
Volume < 5000 liters: every 5 years
Volume > 5000 liters: included in the operating permit

Brussels-Capital Region

Control imposed by the municipality

Above-ground / underground tank < 3000 liters:
The Brussels Region does not have specific regulations - Check carefully if your municipality does not impose specific rules.

Above-ground / underground tank >= 3000 liters:
declaration to be made to the municipal administration

Walloon Region:

Order of the Walloon Government of 17/07/2003 determining the integral conditions of deposits of combustible liquids in fixed tanks
Volume >= 3000 liters and < 25000 liters

Aerial tank:
Every 10 years

Underground tank:
Every 10 years if the tank is between 10 and 20 years old.
Every 5 years if the tank is between 21 and 30 years old.
Every 3 years if the tank is more than 30 years old or if the year of construction is unknown.

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