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Simple Pressure Devices (SPV)

Simple pressure devices are defined as series-produced pressure vessels, welded, and are subjected to a relative internal pressure between 0,5 and 30 bar. They are made of unalloyed steel or allumium and intended for use with compressed air or nitrogen. They are not suitable for use with fire.

These products are also subject to other restrictions found in the SPV(2014/29/EU) Directive.

If you are a design bureau, manufacturer or operator of this type of vessels and you wish to introduce it on the European market, you must first meet the requirements of the SPV(2014/29/EU) directive.

A check of the design and fabrication type, inspections and non-destructive tests, welding qualifications, certificates, ... are all services that Apragaz puts at your disposal.

As a notified body, Apragaz can guide you from the beginning of your project to the final certification of your installations, entirely according to American (ASME), French (CODAP, CODETI), European (EN...) standards, anywhere in the world.

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