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Pressurized devices (PED)

Appliances under pressure higher than 0.5 bar and not covered by the SPV directive, this can range from simple appliances to very complex industrial installations. The PED is divided into several categories according to the risks and associated hazards.

The vast majority of pressure devices under a pressure greater than 0.5 bar are covered by the PED (2014/68/EU).

Within the directive are some exceptions included. Weapons, military technology, pipelines, nuclear installations are some examples of that, but also equipment for which specific guidelines have been drawn up are also outside the PED (2014/68/EU).

If you are a design bureau, manufacturer or operator of these types of devices and you wish to introduce them on the European market, you must first meet the requirements of the PED(2014/68/EU) directive.

A check of the design and fabrication type, inspections and non-destructive tests, welding qualifications, certificates, ... are all services that Apragaz puts at your disposal.

As a notified body, Apragaz can guide you from the beginning of your project to the final certification of your installations, entirely according to American (ASME), French (CODAP, CODETI), European (EN...) standards, anywhere in the world.

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