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Transportation pipelines

For any construction of a new pipeline or modification of an existing one, we put our staff at your disposal, specialised and certified for all checks, inspections and tests.

As part of the accreditation granted by the Federal Public Service of Economy, SMEs, Self-employed and Energy to supervise the tests, inspections and trials relating to the safety measures to be taken during the design, establishment, transformation, repair and operation of installations for the transport of gaseous and other products by pipeline and in accordance with the following regulations in force.

  • Royal Decree of 19 March 2017 on safety measures to be taken in the construction and operation of pipelines.
  • Ministerial Decrees of 24 September 2021 concerning the approval of technical codes.
  • Royal Decree of 28 June 2017 supervision of tests, checks and inspections by notified bodies.
  • The individual authorizations of transport

As part of our role as an EDTC/SECT we can also do the supervision on the design, establishment, conversion, repair and operation of the pipelines and all other products not included in the above regulations in force or in accordance with a building code.

Main activities (non-exhaustive list)


  • Verification of the study file
  • Verification of the calculation notes
  • Purchase of materials and accessories
  • Supervision of construction work
  • Supervision of testing
  • Final check

More specifically

  • Qualification of welding procedures and welders
  • Non-destructive testing (X-rays, Gammagraphy, AUT (Automatic Ultrasonic testing), MT (Magnetic testing), PT (Penetrant testing).
  • Mechanical Testing
  • Chemical analysis
  • etc

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