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Within the framework of the legislation "Explosion protection in explosive atmospheres", the department of Electricity and ATEX can offer you the following services :

  • As Notified Body we offer you all modules of the economical Directive 2014/34/EU including: type examination of electrical and non-electrical equipment (module B), product follow-up: via audits of the quality assurance system (module D and E) or by verification of conformity by examination of every product (module F and C1), deposit of technical file and unit verifications (module G)
  • Risk analysis (HAZOP, FMEA, Kinney...)
  • Conformity and periodic inspection of electrical- and non-electrical equipment placed in an explosion hazard zone
  • Verification execution explosionproof document (1999/92/EC)
  • Verification of hazardous area reports (gas and dust)

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