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Reinspection of gas cylinders

Welcome to the Apragaz "reinspection of gas cylinders" laboratory, accessible to both professionals and individuals.

The laboratory offers the following services:

  • Visual control: aimed at validating both the internal and external surface of the container.
  • Hydrostatic test: after the visual inspection, the container is subjected to a pressure test with an incompressible liquid (water or oil) at a pressure which depends on the operating pressure of the container. After this pressure a further visual inspection must be carried out to ensure that the container is not permanently deformed or damaged.
  • Ultrasonic (US) inspection: In some cases, the hydrostatic test is replaced or supplemented by a measurement of the thickness of the cylinder walls.
  • Pneumatic test: Depending on the requirements of certain manufacturers or users, we proceed to pressure build-up using an inert gas. The leakage is then checked by maintaining the pressure on the pressure gauge and using a "1000 Bulles" type leak detector.
  • Additional markings: In the diving world, gas usage is changed regularly. We stamp an official mark on the cylinders in accordance with the previously required regulations.

Bottles that we check

  • Steel, composite and aluminium cylinders.
  • Steel, composite and aluminium firefighter cylinders.
  • Steel, composite, aluminium, forged and welded stainless steel cylinders for the transport of industrial gases.
  • Stainless steel, aluminium welded cylinders for aero states (hot-air balloons).
  • Steel, composite, aluminium cylinders for aircrafts
  • Tanks and reservoirs, LPG LPI
  • CNG cylinders
  • The buffer bottles
  • Cylinder racks
  • Stainless steel sample bottles
  • Various assemblies requiring a test and a water-tightness certificate
  • Safety cylinder (type SIGRI)

For more information

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