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Gas cartridges

The Cylinders department also handles Gas cartridges.

According to the international regulations applicable to the transport of dangerous goods, it is preferable to use the designation: “Small receptacle containing gas”, classified under UN number: 2037.

Low-capacity receptacles are defined as non-refillable receptacles with a water capacity of not more than 1000 ml for metal receptacles, containing a gas or a mixture of gases under pressure.

Apragaz is an accredited and notified body that can certify Gas cartridges.

Gas cartridges intended for the European Union market (27 countries) must comply with the European Transportable Pressure Equipment Directive (2010/35/EU), commonly called TPED.

They shall be marked “marquage pression”, followed by the number of the notified body, “0029” for APRAGAZ.

Gas cartridges are primarily intended to contain gaseous hydrocarbons in a liquefied mixture, i.e., LPG classified under UN number: 1965.

However, they may also contain other gases than LPG.

For the design, construction and testing of cartridges, international regulations such as ADR, RID or ADN require the use of the following standards:

  • EN 417:2012 for gas cartridges containing LPG (UN 1965)
  • EN 16509:2014 for cartridges ≤120 ml containing non-toxic and non-flammable gases

In the case of gases and/or capacities other than those listed above, the requirements mentioned directly in the international regulations shall apply.

New cartridge models must be approved:

  • Either according to § “Type Approval”,
  • Or according to § “Type examination”

described in the above-mentioned international regulations. In both cases, Apragaz can assist you.

As far as manufacturing and filling tests and controls are concerned, Apragaz can certify your “Internal Inspection Service”. In this case, the Certification department will take over.

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