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Quality management system

Apragaz is accredited according to EN ISO IEC 17021-1 and is active in the certification of management systems. We are also recognised in the assessment of management systems implemented under a series of European directives and international regulations.


ISO9001 2015ISO 9001 - Quality management system - Requirements

ISO9001 2015ISO 13485 - Medical devices - Quality management system - Requirements for regulatory purposes


ISO9001 2015ISO 14001 - Environmental management system - Requirements and guidelines for its use


ISO9001 2015EN ISO 3834-2/3/4 - Quality requirements for fusion welding of metallic materials —Comprehensive/standard/Elementary quality requirements

Certification of FPC 2+ factory Production Control
system for steel and aluminum constructions

ISO9001 2015EN 1090 - Execution of steel structures and aluminium structures

Certification of welding procedure and welder qualifications

Apragaz is as NOBO able to certify welding procedures and welder qualifications within the framework of European Directives (e.g. PED, SPVD,...).

See permanent joints

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