Accessories for pressure devices (fixed or transportable)

Accessories for pressure devices
(fixed or transportable)

To certify small equipment according to the TPED (Transportable Pressure Equipment) directive, we can put our inspectors and our EN ISO IEC 17025 accredited laboratory at your service.

The laboratory specialises in type approval and verification of conformity with the latest editions of the standards in force applicable to the following equipment:

  • cylinder valves
  • hoses
  • regulators for industrial and medical gases
  • check valves
  • Flashback protections
  • Protective caps for gas cylinder valves
  • cutting torch
  • built-in expansion valves

The laboratory has the following specific equipment:

  • equipment for carrying out adiabatic compression tests (small cannon);
  • fatigue tests;
  • helium spectrometer, ...

The main standards covered by the accreditation are :

  • ISO 10297
  • ISO 10524
  • ISO 2503
  • ISO 17871
  • ISO 12094
  • ISO 1626
  • ISO 22435
  • ISO 11117
  • ISO 14245
  • ISO 15995
  • EN ISO 17871
  • EN 12094
  • EN 1626

Note: non-exhaustive list regularly updated

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