Periodic checks

Periodic checks

Once your equipment has been installed in accordance with the requirements of the guidelines/regulations or AR/AM, it becomes necessary to ensure periodic inspections. Most operating permits are subject to compliance with Royal/Ministerial/Regional Orders.

After all, your operating licences are subject to compliance with the royal/ministerial/regional decrees.

The way to comply with the requirements of the operating licences often includes a monitoring programme for equipment corresponding to periodic inspections.

In this area, Apragaz, as SECT/EDTC, can work with many companies to carry out the required inspections or to develop and implement, together with the customer, a program to demonstrate the control of the installations.

The areas of expertise of Apragaz are as varied as :

  • Fixed pressure vessels (tanks, reactors, autoclaves, etc.)
  • Stationary steam equipment (boiler, heat exchanger, etc.)
  • Storage tank (LPG, hydrocarbons, etc.)
  • Cryogenic tanks (N2, 02, ...)
  • Service stations
  • Tube Network (RBI/RBA)
  • Gas installation (wet gas, LPG, medical, other, ...)

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