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Fire Extinguishers

APRAGAZ's know-how is unanimously recognised in this speciality.

APRAGAZ is the manager of the BENOR-mark for portable fire extinguishers for vehicles and buildings.

List of BENOR approved fire extinguishers for buildings and vehicles.

Useful documents:

  • Application for a BENOR-mark authorization
  • BENOR construction certificate
  • BENOR vehicle certificate
  • Request for extension of approval
  • Permission for transfer
  • Transfer of the authorization to use the BENOR-mark

APRAGAZ is chairman of CEN TC 70, a committee that drafts EN 3 and other standards in the field of fire fighting.

APRAGAZ carries out approval tests, verification and certification of fire extinguishers according to Belgian, European (EN 3, EN 1866) or other standards with all resulting tests.

  • Resistance tests
  • Efficiency tests on class A, B, C or F fires
  • Internal and external salt spray corrosion tests
  • Testing of plastic valves in a standard climate chamber
  • Cyclic tests (+5°C/+60°C; 0°C/+60°C; -10°C/+60°C; -20°C/+60°C; -30°C/+60°C; -40°C/+60°C, ...).
  • Formalities for submitting an application for conformity testing in accordance with EN 3-7 for portable fire extinguishers

APRAGAZ certifies maintenance companies:

  • For fire extinguishers according to NBN S 21-050: certification of qualified companies for maintenance of portable fire extinguishers according to NBN S 21-050 "Inspection and maintenance of portable fire extinguishers".

List of qualified companies "fire extinguishers".

  • For hose reels in accordance with NBN EN671-3: Certification of qualified companies for the maintenance of hose reels with semi-rigid rigid hose and hose systems with flat roll-up hose in accordance with NBN EN671-3.

List of qualified companies "hose reels".

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