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Our mission statement

Our stamp, your safety

APRAGAZ guarantees your safety by offering you technical services covered by ministerial approvals and the required accreditation.

The services offered by APRAGAZ are carried out by an objective, independent staff with the utmost integrity. These qualified staff offer you real expertise in identifying, analysing and managing risks.

Our values

  • Security: Security is the reason for the foundation of our company in 1929. Through its controls, APRAGAZ takes care of your security, that of your installations and that of your products.
  • Quality: Recognised by Belgian ministries and European or international authorities, APRAGAZ puts quality at the heart of its activities.
  • Integrity: All our employees want to offer you independent and objective expertise.
  • Confidentiality: APRAGAZ undertakes to respect the confidentiality of the information received in order to carry out the mission that you entrust to it.
  • Your inspection body: we want to become and remain your inspection body. We make every effort to gain your trust.

For more information

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