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Establishment of Apragaz

In 1929, APRAGAZ was founded by the "Association of Owners of Compressed, Liquid or Dissolved Gases Vessels" with the aim of ensuring the safe operation of pressure equipment.

At that time, gas cylinders (containing CO2 and used by breweries) caused numerous incidents.

Some companies, such as l'Acide Carbonique Pur (ACP), Solvay, l’Union Chimique Belge (UCB), Messer and Air Liquide, wanted an independent body to lay down the basis for the rules concerning the manufacture and the periodic inspection of these cylinders. APRAGAZ was born!

APRAGAZ is therefore at the origin of the regulations in this field and it was the specifications developed by APRAGAZ from 1929 onwards which laid down the foundations for numerous articles of the RGPT/ARAB (General Regulations for Occupational Health and Safety).

APRAGAZ quickly extended its expertise in various aspects such as the storage and transport of bottles, but also to accessories (hoses, gas valve, pressure regulators, etc.).

APRAGAZ became then expert in the other pressurised (steam, process, ...) and/or cryogenic installations. And later, in order to fully serve its customers, APRAGAZ got involved in the electrical control of industrial installations.

Today, with the benefit of its experience and qualified staff, APRAGAZ continues to collaborate in the drawing up of standards, guidelines and regulations through its participation in various committees.

APRAGAZ assists you with the delivery, the controls and the Audits/Certifications in more than 40 countries around the world (in all  European countries, but also in Africa, the Middle East, Asia and North America).

This is why you can place your confidence in APRAGAZ, which has been looking after your safety for almost 90 years.

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