Fire extinguishers

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The know-how of Apragaz in this sector can no longer be ignored, as Apragaz is responsible for chairing the technical committee CEN TC70 - transportable material for fire protection.

The laboratory is accredited according to the requirements of EN IEC ISO 17025 and is recognised in most European countries.

Apragaz carries out the control and verification of portable and mobile fire extinguishers in accordance with the latest editions of the applicable standards or other specifications applicable to them.

The tests carried out are as follows:

  • Fire class;
  • Internal and external corrosion (salt spray);
  • Valve testing (climatic chamber and standardized environment) ;
  • Fatigue tests;
  • Powder test, ...

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Our stamp, your safety

Nothing is as important as your safety, that of your family, that of your colleagues or that of your customers, which is why we have been working for more than 90 years to become and remain your inspection body.