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Transportable pressure equipment (TPED)

Transportable pressure equipment can generally be described as receptacles or tanks used for the transport of certain gases and other dangerous substances. E.g. container tanks, tank trailers, cryogenic drums, gas cylinders, etc

These vessels are subject to certain requirements during their construction and their entire life cycle.

New equipment (marking marquage pression)

The new transportable pressure equipment (or before it is placed on the European market) is covered by European Directive 2010/35/EU of 16 June 2010 which replaces the old Directive 1999/36/EC.

This directive is often called TPED after the English abbreviation. (Transportable Pressure Equipment Directive).

This directive aims to ensure the safety and free movement of transportable pressure equipment within the European Union.

It largely refers to the technical provisions of Directive 2008/68/EC on the transport of dangerous goods, which applies the texts of international agreements on the transport of dangerous goods (ADR/RID/ADN).

The various equipments covered by these directives (tanks for the transport of dangerous materials, gas cylinders, cryogenic vessels, associated parts, etc.) can be certified by Apragaz for the marking marquage pression.

Existing equipment

The periodic inspection is also subject to technical regulations that must be complied with under the direct responsibility of Apragaz or through your Apragaz-certified In House Inspection Service.

The reassessment of the conformity of existing transportable pressure equipment is also carried out by Apragaz on the basis of the criteria laid down in the ADR/RID.

Contact us to guide you and set up a route that allows you to have your equipment certified for the first time, recertified or to inspect it in accordance with the TPED.

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