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Visual (VT)

Visual inspection is the first technique used in a non-destructive examination. It makes it possible to choose the most suitable non-destructive technique for more in-depth examinations.

The external condition of a piece can provide essential information about its condition. Obvious defects such as bending, fracture, wear, corrosion, open cracks, or leaks can be quickly identified.

A visual inspection must be carried out under good conditions, including adequate lighting.

Where a component to be inspected is not accessible for direct visual inspection, an indirect technique using a mirror or a camera-equipped device shall be used.

When the camera gives access to restricted areas, it is called an endoscope or borescope. In other cases, a camera is used that, over a long distance, enables highly accurate visualization with a reduced/eliminated risk (CA-Zoom).

Currently, UAV technology also makes it possible to perform an initial visual inspection in hard-to-reach places.

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