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Fixed pressurized devices

The family of pressure equipment is composed of vessels (heat exchangers, steam generators, columns, reactors, ...), piping and accessories (regulators, valves ...). But are also part of this equipment, also the safety accessories and measuring devices that complete them.

Very often the regulations dealing with new equipment (placing on the market) are not the same as those dealing with the periodic inspection of existing equipment (maintenance on the market).

The construction of new equipment is mainly covered by European Directives and Regulations, whereas periodic inspection is most often covered by national or regional regulations.

Another point of distinction must be made between fixed and mobile equipment (intended for transport).

Stationary equipment is mainly covered by 2 European Directives. The SPV (2014/29/EU) for so-called "simple" pressure vessels or the PED (2014/68/EU) for other pressure vessels. Attention, some Royal or Ministerial Decrees play a complementary role to these Directives.

The TPED (2010/35/EU) is responsible for the transportable equipment. In particular, we will mention the equipment which is under the jurisdiction of ADR (road transport) or RID (rail transport) because they transport dangerous goods and fall under the TPED if they are under pressure.

Apragaz can of course clarify your situation and assist you in the conformity of your equipment.

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