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Permanent joints (welding, brazing, ...)

Apragaz is an approved 3rd party according to article 20 of PED for permanent joints.

The execution methods and personnel for pressure equipment of categories II, III and IV must be approved by a competent third party at the choice of the manufacturer. For these approvals, Apragaz can carry out the examinations and tests specified in the relevant harmonised standards and establish the associated procedures and qualifications.

For these approvals, Apragaz may carry out the examinations and tests specified in the appropriate harmonised standards and draw up the corresponding procedures and qualifications.

List of potentially applicable standards:

  • EN ISO 9606-1/2/3/4
  • EN ISO 15614
  • EN ISO 13585
  • EN ISO 13134
  • EN 14732
  • EN 13067
  • ...

Welding is called a 'special process' by ISO 9001. This is mainly because the quality of a weld cannot be solely verified by a post-weld inspection. Therefore, the entire welding process must be subject to controls. So in order to get a quality weld, not only the final weld has to be tested, but all the important intermediate steps such as design, purchase of material, traceability, presence of the necessary welding documents, production tests, etc. have to be monitored.

Apragaz can also certify your quality management system according to the ISO 3834 standard for the three different quality levels: extended quality, standard quality and elementary quality. (see certification).

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